Too Many Zooz + Moon Hooch


Too Many Zooz + Moon Hooch

Fri · April 19, 2019

8:00 pm

$22 - $25

Too Many Zooz
Too Many Zooz
Too Many Zooz
TMZ's manic music, dubbed "BrassHouse" rose to fame while busking in NYC’s subways in 2014 after several videos of them performing went viral on Reddit. From here, the trio’s career took off — most notably, their blowout performance with Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks at the Country Music Awards.

Moon Hooch
Moon Hooch captured the imaginations of thousands with its infamous stints busking on subway platforms and elsewhere in New York City: two sax players and a drummer whipping up furious impromptu raves. Wherever Moon Hooch plays, a dance party soon follows as if the room becomes a living, surging, pulsing thing.

"Moon Hooch is energetic, joyful, relentless and, best of all, original. Whether they were playing Bonnaroo or Lincoln Center, Moon Hooch would blow the crowd away.” – John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants"

"Their music is a mix of the best jazz, EDM and rock have to offer. It's out there, it's danceable and you may find yourself feeling a sense of reckless abandon!" — NPR
Venue Information:
The Warehouse at FTC
70 Sanford Street
Fairfield, CT, 06824