James Mapes


James Mapes

Sat · May 11, 2019

7:45 pm


James Mapes
James Mapes
James Mapes' show, “Master of the Imagination”, is a dazzling combination of suggestion, nonverbal communication, misdirection, intuition, psychology, storytelling, and just a little dash of magic. It's an exhilarating, mind-blowing, mystifying, fun and captivating exploration into the realm of the impossible.

“Mesmerizing. And a wonderful evening of mind-boggling entertainment. Wow! James Mapes will truly make you re-think your imagination. I would go to his show again in a heartbeat.” – Seth Fradkoff, Columbia Pictures/Sony Entertainment
Venue Information:
StageOne at FTC
70 Sanford St.
Fairfield, CT, 06824